Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Whirl winds inside of me
Out of control, they blow
Gusts of demon wind; I emit
Rushing over your embers
Sparks fly where we lay
Flames that beseech the heavens
Hellish fire to exorcize my demons
A fierce heat, only the gods can extinguish
Instead, I pray they hand me the bellows
As I wish to be consumed by your fire
For at dawn I shall rise from its ashes
Your eyes; those lovely eyes
Have cast a spell on me

Your smile; that magical smile
Melts the ice that covers my heart

Your voice; that tender voice
So melodiously bewitching

Your lips; those sweet lips
Electrify my body and soul

Your arms; those strong arms
I should lay in them forever

Your heart; its rhythmic beats
Infects me with sweetness

Your-self; enchanter of my soul
You make my toes curl in ecstasy
Just one of those days
When fate comes knocking
You drop everything and
Follow her into wonderland
In the dead of night

A trail of cloths
Sounds of sweet love
Seep through the walls
Keep the neighbours awake
In the dead of night

Lost inside of you
Don’t want to be found
Chase away my emptiness
And shed my sorrows
In the dead of night
This weakness of mine
To see what I choose to see
To hear what I choose to hear
To judge you by how you treat me
No wonder I make such fatal errors
Maybe I should snap back to reality
Look at the real picture
See you as you are
Ignore my imagination
Though I fear such a move
May dull the life we know

Saturday, February 26, 2011

of women and shoes

A great pair of shoes;
turns a woman into godess.
A great pair of shoes;
makes you glide while others walk.
A great pair of shoes;
has you levitating while other are grounded.
A great pair of shoes;
bears a sway that most men cannot fathom.
Oh! A great pair of shoes;
makes me glow like the fool moon at midnight!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Memoirs of Kristie Annah (under construction)

Chapter one: Unknown to most

Christine Wambui Nderitu a.k.a Kristie Annah (born; Christine Ann Wambui Mwariri) 24years, was born in Consolata hospital, Nyeri at 7.30am on the bright Wednesday morning of 1st June, 1986. A very healthy bouncing baby girl! Raised by a brilliant single mother due to a short lived marriage to Rowland Mwariri (R.I.P); my awesome mom, Margaret Wanjira Nderitu, Bed. (Hons) Special Education and Music. She has only one known sibling, a younger sister named Catherine Muthoni Nderitu who is 14 years old. She also has a pet cactus adopted from hells gates.

Christine started her education at Muga kindergarten; shortly after, she was moved to Central Nursery for convenience. She later joined Moi Nyeri Complex primary school, after which she joined Chinga Girls’ High School then finished her secondary education at Mahiga Girls’ Secondary School. She also studied at Emmanex Computer & Accountancy College, Timeless Beauty Training Centre and Alliance Fran├žaise. She recently graduated from Kenyatta University with Bsc. (Hons) Sports Science, December 2010.

At the age of 15years, she was awarded 4th position in a nationwide environmental essay competition consequently; at 16years, representing Kenya at the World Youth Parliament for Water in Quebec, Canada. At 17years, she represented Kenya at the Children’s World Water Forum in Kyoto and Shiga prefectures, Japan. In 2004 she was awarded 1st prize in another nationwide environmental essay competition. She’s worked with various organizations like UNICEF (2002-2003), CiDRi (2005-2006), Pink Horizon (2006), NEO Marketing (2009/2010), Sports Stadia Management Board (2009), and Ministry of Sports & Youth Affairs (2008). She currently works at Savage Wilderness Safaris (since May 2010).

She has done a bit of everything, for example; office management and front desk for almost a year, team building facilitation for a few years now, helped plan and officiate the December 2008 Nyeri half marathon, helped in planning the Kenya vs. Tunisia football match of 2009, done some telemarketing, data management and field research for various companies, some small scale farming, selling ladies accessories. She is currently an adventure tourism expert and outdoors instructor majoring in rock climbing, mountaineering and water sports. She regularly contributes to Bingwa children’s magazine as a fiction writer and she is the opening scene of the ‘Niko Na Safaricom’ advert atop Mt. Kenya.

Her oldest memory is from when she was 2years old (mother can testify to this); in it are her mother, her aunt (Rose), house help, neighbours, some friends and herself just chilling at her then childhood home and many more memories from the same age.

Best childhood memories: “locking mom inside the house after she accidentally fell asleep while trying to lull me to take an afternoon nap and then running off to play; all those that contain my mom, grandmother and the extended family (especially my mom trying to feed me coz I was a poor feeder), the merry go round at the show ground, the 1st time I put on a swim suit at 6yrs and the birth of my sister.”

Earliest remembered dream: “the village of the pencil-drawn-stick-people that lived in a corner above my bed that led me to my 1st and only sleep walking experience. And the toilet/ peeing dream that makes you almost wet or actually wet the bed- I hate it!”

She enjoys: reading and writing fiction and fact in prose or poetry; dancing to most music especially ‘the spirits of nature’ and house music; adventure/extreme sports and tourism; camping, parties; events or just chilling at home or some lovely place with family and friends. Love is her religion.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


This must be the bravest thing
For a (wo)man to strip off all layers
And just stare hard at what you see
Come face to face with your fears
Reach out to your irrational self
Uncover all your secrets hidden deep
Just you and your imperfections
I really haven't known such courage
As to look at all your short comings
And say "yes,this is part of me"
This is what builds me up or tears me down
Do not repress the beast within
Let run with the wind; wild and free
Be true to your nature without a fear
Be yourself... The rest can go hang
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